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i carry it in my heart [entries|friends|calendar]

sing in the sun my love. and dance in the rain.
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[January 17 2020]
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the chaos amidst. [January 17 2010]
It's not typically me to indulge in philosophical woes but today I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed by growing moral decadence our society is plunging into. I am overwhelmed by material pursuits we are engulfed in. I am overwhelmed by rampant deception and infidelity. I am overwhelmed by how we can be never satisfied with life. I am overwhelmed by my own lack of patience. I am overwhelmed by my own lack of faith. The end is near, and so they say, as do the signs tell. We must be strong in our beliefs. We must be grounded to our faith. And then we can only pray that we we have done is enough. 


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